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Kate Frost - The Butterfly Storm

Welcome to Kate Frost who is on the blog talking about her debut novel The Butterfly Storm.  I adore the cover. They say a picture paints a thousand words and in this case, I think it really does. Congratulations Kate - take it away!

Many thanks Laurey for hosting me as part of my blog tour for my debut novel, The Butterfly Storm. I say, debut, but it’s not the first novel I’ve written. There was the time travel one that I wrote when I was eight and another one set in the kitchen of a historic house that I started a couple of years later.

After a break in my teens from writing to concentrate on drama and acting I started writing two further books in my twenties – a sci-fi novel called Degeneration and an urban fantasy/adventure (I’m really not sure what you’d class it as!) called Tainted, neither of which I finished.

The Butterfly Storm is nothing like any of them; it’s contemporary women’s fiction with not a whiff of sci-fi or time travel anywhere near it. At its heart The Butterfly Storm is a love story but it's also a novel about family and belonging. It's strange because I started writing it when I was 27 and I've now published it at the age of 36 and I think it would have been a very different novel if I'd written it more recently. Whether intentional or not I think that certain experiences of your own life both good and bad have a tendency of feeding into your writing.


The Butterfly Storm is in no way autobiographical and the characters are all fictional, however I certainly took inspiration from elements of my own life. The novel is set in Greece and Norfolk and was inspired by the spent time in Greece visiting my Greek husband’s family, and Norfolk because that’s where my grandparents lived on their farm.

Place is very important in The Butterfly Storm so I needed two locations that were very different yet could rival each other for their sheer beauty. At the time I started writing The Butterfly Storm, my then boyfriend (now husband) and I were living with my parents in their house in Bristol. Firstly I should say that we all got on really well but we were there for nearly two years and independence and a longing for our own place and space to cook what we wanted when we wanted was very much on my mind and that filtered into my writing with Sophie feeling trapped and stifled by her parents-in-law to be. I wrote the first draft of The Butterfly Storm before I’d even got engaged, yet I went through the final editing process after I’d got married. In some ways my life had mirrored that of my main character, Sophie – without all the drama of course. Well mostly.

The Butterfly Storm

Four years ago life for Sophie Keech was perfect. A new start in Greece with Alekos, her boyfriend of just six weeks, removes Sophie from a mundane 9-5 job, takes her away from the difficult relationship she has with her mum, and gives her the opportunity and belief that she is finally doing something positive and exciting with her life.

But a lot can change in four years. An engagement, a domineering mother-in-law to be and the reality of life in Greece not being quite what Sophie imagined puts a strain on her relationship with Alekos.

When an accident forces Sophie back to the UK to look after her estranged mum, she has time to re-evaluate her life, her idea of family, where she wants to be and, most importantly, who she loves.

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