A Girl's Guide to Glitterati

This is my current project. I'm roughly half of the way through.

Evelyn Taylor really is your average British girl just trying to muddle her way through life while secretly hoping for a little adventure. So when offered the chance to become the new girlfriend of up and coming Hollywood star, Clayton King, she doesn't take much persuading. After all she has a fledgling art business to promote and is up to her ears in debt, so a little exposure could be a good thing right?
But after selling her soul to Hollywood, she soon finds out that the life of the glitterati is full of secrets and lies. When she tries to break away she finds herself at the mercy of the world's press who bay for her blood.
Her only hope is for Clayton to reveal a Hollywood secret that could threaten his own career - but will he choose her over the life he has come to love?

I hope to have it finished by the Summer (which in Britain might never happen). Will keep you posted #praying for a summer!


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